Sidi-Shoes-Wire-RoadWire-  SIDI’s latest go-to shoe for WorldTour athletes and pros everywhere. Wire features an ALL NEW Tecno 3 closure system utilizing an exceptionally supple, low-friction line material for unimpeded action without binding. It provides extremely even pressure distribution across the entire foot, for perfect fit with uncompromising comfort and pedaling efficiency. Tecno 3 micro-ratcheting buckles allow easy one-click adjustment in either direction, for simple fine-tuning on the fly.
Sidi-Shoes-MegaLastGenius 6.6 Mega- this shoe gets a big upgrade for 2013; a Vent Carbon Sole! The Vent Carbon Sole® features a 3-hole drilling pattern with super stiff, 100% medium-modulus carbon construction for superior drive, and a closeable intake vent and integrated air channels under the footbed, for optimal cooling. The Genius 6.6 also comes with an adjustable heel retention device; new Comfort Fit insoles with memory foam for lightweight support; and a Caliper Buckle two-way ratchet for easy on-bike adjustment with incremental tightening and loosening.
Sidi-6.6Women’s 6.6 Carbon Lite- this women’s shoe features the new Carbon Lite Sole that ensures a light shoe with superior responsiveness. For walkability, the Carbon Lite Sole includes an anti-slip insert at the toe and a replaceable polyurethane heel pad. Featuring a comfortable and easy to use closure system including the caliper buckle and velcro straps. For those women with thin ankles, the Heel Cup System ensures that you won’t experience that annoying heel-slip.
Sidi-Shoes-LaserLaser- A special import into Canada. Features a mircofiber and nylon mesh upper and the soft instep closure system. With a carbon sole, velcro straps and an adjustable buckle – your foot will stay in place with maximum power going into the pedals. We carry the silver model only.
Sidi-Shoes-FiveWomen’s Five- SIDI’s new FIVE pairs the 11 Carbon/Composite sole (a pro favorite, specifically requested on custom builds for its perfect balance of comfort, light weight and power transfer—it’s slightly less stiff, for more long-day comfort without sacrificing power) with SIDI’s renowned women-specific last/foot-form, wider in the forefoot, with a more dramatic heel taper and lower volume overall—so it’s shaped better, fits better. And you perform better, with more comfort.
Sidi-Shoes-G5Genius 5 Pro Carbon– The Genius 5 is everything you expect in a pro-level road shoe: Millennium 3 Carbon Composite Sole®, Caliper Buckle two-way ratchet closure, SIDI’s no-slip High Security Velcro® straps and, above all, that trademark SIDI fit, and the comfort that comes with it—extending from perfectly formed toe box to SIDI heel cup.






Sidi-Shoes-SpiderSpider-  The Spider SRS® is the pick of the litter for high-performance, high-mileage cross-country riders and cyclocross racers. An integrated rubber toe guard and replaceable tread give more durability, while the integrated instep traction pad provides extra grip during less-than-perfect cyclocross remounts. Better pedaling, easier pushing, faster on the run—this is the shoe that does it all.
Sidi-Shoes-Dominator-MTBDominator 5– SIDI’s best-selling MTB shoe is the perennial favorite for cross-country mountain bikers, racers and adventurers. This is the do-everything shoe for everywhere you ride off-road, with European handcrafted quality that keeps on performing season after season. It’s serious performance, with perfect fit and serious comfort—when you’re ready to get serious about your ride. Available in Men’s and Women’s models.
Sidi-Shoes-EagleWWomen’s Eagle 5- This women’s mountain bike shoe features a Vernice microfibre and mesh upper to keep your feet cool and dry while riding in the woods and on the trails. This shoe is toe spike compatible and comes with a comfortable padded tongue to relieve pressure on your foot. The closure system with two straps and a buckle allows you to get just the fit you need.
Sidi-Shoes-GiauGiau– Made of synthetic material and nylon mesh, this is a great recreational mountain bike shoe. Comes with MTB competition sole and easy to use three velcro strap closure.


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