Small Bird


Made by Dugast. Unique, all conditions tread pattern.

*New for 2017/2018- all tires come with new neoprene sidewall coating.


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Dugast Small Bird:

A tire that can be used on a course where the layer on top of the course is slippery. The duo compound gives the tyre its excellent capacities. The outer studs are twice as high as the studs in the middle. This and the extremely soft rubber mix of the outer studs give an extreme grip in the turns. Because of the lower studs in the middle the rolling resistance is very limited. This tire is the perfect mix between a rhino and a typhoon.

The Small Bird is a major step up, even for Dugast tires. First and foremost, the Small Bird takes the world-beating tread of its big brother – the Fast Bird mountain bike tire – and slims it down and specializes it for the cyclocross arena. Underneath the unique, all-condition, tread-pattern is a dual-compound rubber construction that helps you roll faster on the flats and corner like you’re on rails.

New for 2017/ 2018– All tires come standard with a new neoprene sidewall. This means you don’t need to seal the sidewalls with Aquasure anymore. The neoprene coating is applied during the production process, so that you neither have to calculate work and time to put on Aquasure. The coating is very thin and has got no influence on the functionality and / or the comfort of the tubulars. It is important that after using the tires you wash these with water and soap – but be sure not to use any aggressive products. Let the tubulars then dry at room temperature (around 20 degrees). You can recognize the cyclocross and MTB tubulars by the stamp of a sun on the sidewall of the tubulars (see picture). Our road tubulars will always have a neoprene coating, without any additional cost.

Base tape options- Since a few years some cyclocross rims are getting wider. For these rims it is actually necessary to use a tubular with a wider base tape, adjusted for the width of the rim. If you combine a regular base tape with a wide rim, there is a bigger risk to flat because the sidewalls of the tire are not well protected. We now offer 3 different widths of base tape for your cyclocross tires:

  • Regular base tape – for rims up to 23 mm wide
  • Large base tape – for rims between 23 mm and 27.5 mm wide

About Dugast:
Dugast tires are world renowned. With their supple rubber and made only from the finest materials and casings, Dugast tubulars are the tire of choice among riders from the Pro Tour to the Paris-Roubaix seeking light-weight, performance-oriented tubular tires. Today, cyclists of all levels and abilities can enjoy Dugast tires, whether your passion is  cyclocross, road, mountain bike or track, Dugast has a tubular tire for you.

The Dugast Tire Company was founded by André Dugast in 1972. He hand-stitched each tubular tire and personally delivered his exceptional product to cyclists. In 2003, the 72 year-old Parisian sold his company to Dutchman Richard Nieuwhuis.

Today, with a vastly increased annual production, Nieuwhuis maintains the same standards of excellence. Casings are still made of natural elements like cotton or silk. And Nieuwhuis continues to create Dugast tubular tires by hand. He personally delivers finished tubulars to racers at the most prestigious cycling competitions around the globe.

These Dugast tubulars feature the same quality rubber and hand stitching cyclists have been racing on for decades. Each tire has been designed to have the optimal mix between weight, performance and function.

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33mm, 36mm

Sidewall Colour

Tan, Black

Base Tape Size

Regular (Rims 23mm wide), Large (Rims 23mm-27.5mm wide)