Ski & Wax Service

We have a beam tester and all protocols for various manufacturers so our experts can help determine the best ski to suit your needs and ability. Camber is guaranteed!

We service all types of  cross-country skis. Available service includes:

  • Gatineau Nordic Grinding
  • Base, edge and sidewall repair
  • Bindings installation
  • Binding adjustment
  • Edge sharpening
  • Ski waxing and tuning
  • LF and HF high end wax options
  • Pine tar preparation (for wooden skis)
  • Pole grip and basket replacement

Wax Pricing

Along with selling wax we will also wax and prep your nordic skis. We offer the following wax services:

Base Waxing 2 Layers$15.00
Base Waxing 3 Layers$30.00
Mounting is FREE with ski purchaseNo Charge
Hot Wax Base Prep + 2 Layers CH$20.00
Hot Wax Base Prep + 3 Layers Moly/CH/LF$40.00
Hot Boxing$25.00
Race Prep + 3 Layers Hot box/ Moly/ LF$45.00
Stone Grinding Flattening$40.00
Stone Grinding Flattening + Pattern$70.00
Race Grinding, Stone Grind Pattern + 3 Layers (Recommended)$110.00
Binding Mount/ Remount$20.00
Pole Cutting$10.00
Pine Tar$30.00
Long Blade Sharpening$25.00
***We no longer sharpen hockey skates.***

We sell a wide range Toko, Swix and Vauhti ski waxes.

Call us to book your XC ski service appointment today.