ASSOS, LaalalaiEVO, Womens Jersey

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Acting as a second skin thanks to its compressive qualities, the Assos Women’s SS.LaaLaLai evo is a jersey designed to get you to your very best. Despite the closeness to the skin and the light muscle compression, it’s surprisingly comfortable you'll barely feel you have it on!

The combination of seamless arm closures, dual-layer collar and bonded zip/waist leads to greater comfort than ever before in a race fit and an effective reduction in abrasions and chafing. Reactive fabric within the jersey is also ideal for controlling temperature according to the climate, moving moisture away from the skin in the warmth and working hard to insulate your body when the chills set in. Practicality is added thanks to the Super Level pockets which offer stunningly convenient access as you pedal, and the full-length zips helps to add extra degrees of breathability when required.

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