Dt Swiss 240oilslick hubset 15/110-12/148 32H microspline

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The 240 Oil Slick is equipped with the latest Ratchet EXP freehub system to maximize reliability. The increased bearing distance increases bearing lifetime, the straight spring provides more direct engagement, which reduces wear, and a smaller number of parts not only makes maintenance easier but also reduces weight.

Limited to 1000 pieces and available at our dealers and wheel builders.

net weight

Front: 142 g
Rear:  231 g (Shimano Micro Spline)

material Aluminum
brake interface IS (6-bolt)
freehub system Ratchet EXP 36 T
freehub body


axle system

Front: 15 mm
Rear: 12 mm

built in width

Front: 110 mm
Rear: 148 mm

holes 32
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