KV+, Bora Pole Kit,

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KV+ Bora Clip professional racing poles are a budget-friendly alternative to Tornado plus poles. Reinforced with additional carbon bands along the entire length, they feature the same Tornado plus stiffness, small quick-changing baskets and Falcon Clip grips. At just 62 grams per meter they are almost the same weight of Tornado plus poles, so they’re still light enough for almost any pro skier.

  • shaft material: 100% carbon
  • weight: 62 g/m
  • length: 135-175 cm, 2.5 cm interval
  • handle: 8P104.17.OR Falcon Clip ∅ 16.5 mm
  • strap: 9P200 Elite Clip
  • basket: 7P324 Tornado Small Quick-Changing Baskets
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