KV+, Tornado PINK Pole, Falcon Clip Kit

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KV+ Tornado Pink edition are incredibly light and stiff World Cup level poles. They feature Elite clip straps and quick-changing baskets.

The ergonomic design of Elite Clip straps gives you full control over the pole and provides ultimate energy transmission to the pole tip while you push. Our cutting-edge clip system allows you to release the pole strap in a second—never struggle with Velcro again. The design is ideal for skiathlon and biathlon races, as well as for streamlining water breaks as you train.

Quick-changing basket system allows you to install larger baskets or roller ski ferrules (both sold separately) in a matter of seconds!

  • shaft material: 100% high-molecular carbon
  • weight: 54 g/m
  • handles: 3P100.P Elite Clip Pink ∅ 16.5 mm
  • straps: 9P200.P Elite Clip Pink
  • baskets: 20P324P Tornado Small Quick-Changing Baskets (Pink)
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