KV+, Tornado Plus Pole, Falcon Clip Kit,

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KV+ Tornado Plus Falcon Clip are our leading professional racing poles, featuring Falcon grips, next generation Elite clip straps, reinforced shaft ends and quick-changing baskets.

Also for the first time, shaft bottoms are reinforced with additional carbon bands, which make poles unbelievably stiff and provide greater rigidity to their most vulnerable parts – near the baskets.

  • shaft material: 100% high-molecular carbon
  • weight: 54 g/m
  • length: 135-180 cm, 2.5 cm interval
  • handle: 8P104.17.OR Falcon Clip Handle ∅ 16.5 mm
  • strap: 8P200 Elite Clip
  • baskets: 7P324 Tornado Small Quick-Changing Baskets and 7P325 Tornado Large Quick-Changing Baskets (included!)
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