SCICON, Cover, Rear Derailleur Protector

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Are you travelling with your bicycle and need extra protection for one of the most critical parts of your bike, the rear derailleur? The Scicon Sports Rear Derailleur Protection Pad is the right solution for you. Designed to protect the rear area of your bike, providing shelter for your rear derailleur hanger and rear dropouts. It pulls on like a sleeve and is secured with hook and loop straps. Compatible with road, triathlon and mountain bikes. Integrated plastic reinforcements, double-padded sidewalls and a rigid protective shield covering the area of the rear derailleur hanger, providing that extra peace of mind when transporting your bike in a soft bike travel bag or bike travel case, or when transporting the bicycle on its own in your car. Your derailleur and dropouts are optimally protected against hard knocks and bumps.

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