VAUHTI, GF Carrot, Grip Wax, Fluor

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Package size: 45g | 1.6oz
Operating range: -2/-12°C | 28/10°F

A viscous, all-purpose wax that sticks extremely well to your skis at sub-zero temperatures. Works best on old or coarse snow. The best gripping temperatures begin at approx. -2°C and extend down to approx. -12°C on a hard-packed trail. The wax can be used alone or as a base wax for other GF-Line products, for which it is an excellent choice. The wax is extremely wear-resistant.

Note! GD CARROT is specifically designed for old, coarse snow. For fresh snow, at -2/-5°C, the best option for grip wax is the GF VIOLET developed for such conditions.

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