GARNEAU, Mike Woods Edition, Course Air Lite X

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Today, we are super stoked to launch the new Rusty Woods Limited Edition Shoe. Featuring three (3) of Garneau’s patented technologies, acclaimed as one of the best shoes of the year many times and winner of a Eurobike award, the Course Airlite XZ is the most comfortable shoe in the world and has proven it is able to get on the highest step of the podium as well as delivering the best climbing performances. Simple on the outside, its inside represents everything important to Mike’s life. As a matter of fact, its insole artistic design was actually drawn by Mike.

Garneau is also preoccupied, just like Mike, about the environment, so reducing our carbon footprint is something really important for us, so much so that Garneau has committed itself to donate part of the proceeds from the sale of these shoes to offset the carbon footprint of its products.

X-Comfort Zone-Power Zone. Increased arch support and power transfer

Interchangeable Ergo Air insoles with 3 adjustable arches

L2 Boa dials replace laces to get you ready to ride. 4 Independent adjustment zones to maximize comfort during long rides.

100% carbon sole with Patented air channel for constant air-flow to prevent fatigue and numbness



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