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Service & Labour


Call us at (613) 730-2856 to book, or for more information.


Bike Service 



Level 1 Tune $80.00 Level 2 Tune $130
Wheel truing (on bike) Wheel truing (off bike)
Brake adjustments Brake adjustments
Gear adjustments Gear adjustments
Chain lubrication Chain lubrication
Safety check all bolts and quick releases Safety check all bolts and quick releases
Tire inflation Tire inflation
Bike wipe down Bike cleaning (extra charges may apply for excessively dirty bike)
  Drive train removed, soaked and cleaned w/ Safety Clean parts washer
  Hub adjustment
  Bottom bracket overhaul +$20 if requested or necessary

Drive train clean with Warranty Tune $70.00 (+$20 if bottom bracket service is requested or necessary).

* All charges are a base service cost. Anything beyond the basic service will incur an hourly shop rate ($100/hr).


Adjustments     Common Labour  
Brake Adjust $20.00   Flat Repair/ Tube Replace $15.00
Gear Adjust $20.00   Flat Repair/ Tube Replace (Internal Gear/ Enclosed Drivetrain) $20.00
Headset Adjust $20.00   Tubular Tire Gluing (Takes 2-3 days) $30.00
Bottom Bracket Adjust $20.00   Tubular Tire Removal $10.00
Hub Adjust $20.00   Tubeless Tire Install $20.00
Wheel Truing $20.00   Accessory Install (if not purchased from us) $5.00
      Extra Labour Charge for overly dirty bike $20.00
      Lock Cutting/ Removal $10.00-$40.00 (Time Based)
      Bike Boxing $75.00
      Hydro Brake Install Road $90.00



More In-Depth Labour:


Bottom Bracket Overhaul $30.00   Facing $50.00
Headset Overhaul $30.00   Tapping (Pedal threads) $15.00
Disc Brake Bleed $30.00 min.   Tapping (BB Shell) $30.00
Hub Overhaul $30.00   Fork Steer Tube Cutting $30.00
Wheel Building (Standard) $60.00 min.   Fork Threading $50.00
Wheel Building (Specialty) $80.00 min.   Fork Installation $50.00
Bike Assembly from Box $100.00   Power Tap Battery Install $30.00
Bike Assembly from Bare Frame

$200/$250 Di2/ +$50

hydro brakes +$100

  Garmin Basic Set-up $30.00
Frame Stripping $60.00   Power Meter Install/ Set-up $Hourly Rate
Headset Install (Press Fit Cups)  $40.00   Di2 Diagnostics $40.00
Headset Install (Drop in Type) $30.00   Di2 Customization $50.00
Riveting Cable Stops $30.00   Power Meter Trouble Shooting $30.00
Repair Bottle Cage Eyelets $30.00      
Replace Bottle Cage Eyelets $50.00      
Cartridge Bearing Replacement $30.00      
Freehub Body Replacement $30.00      

* All charges are labour only, cost of parts not included.


Hourly Shop Rate: $100/ hour.


Ski Service


Ski Waxing:

Skate $25.00 Classic $30
Base cleaning Base cleaning
Hot base wax Hot base wax
High performance glide wax High performance glide wax
(cold condition wax) (cold condition wax)
  Base binder in kick zone
  Skin cleaning and conditioning

*All waxes used for standard waxing are 100% biodegradable plant based


Add on:

Glide upgrade +$10.00
     Replace the final glide wax with Swix HS6 blue  
     (other temperatures also available)  
Liquid hotbox +$20.00
     Maximum base saturation (overnight treatment)  
Base hardening +$10.00
     2 layers of extra cold glide wax before final glide to           increase base durability   
Grip waxing +$5.00
     Add grip wax of choice to classic skis  


Other ski services:

Binding mount/re-mount $20.00
Beam testing race wax pocket/pressure zones $15.00
Pole cutting $10.00
Epoxy repairs $10.00