Assos Equipe RS Spring Fall Jacket-blackseries

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An effective replacement for the thermal jersey/light vest combo we often resort to in early spring and late fall, eliminating the bulk of stacked zippers and the fuss of readjusting layers mid-ride.

This “jacket” is the next evolutionary step for the ubiquitous thermal jersey. Its body features the same construction as our Winter Face Mask, a twinDeck model that stacks a breathable, moisture-managing, wind-cutting face fabric atop a soft, insulating inner material. Our patented Diffusor vents at the shoulders actively regulate body temperature when you’re digging deep in the drops and unzipping isn’t a viable option. When we write “regulate,” we don’t just mean by warming—when exertion ramps up, it’s easy to overheat, even in the cold, so our Diffusor tech shuttles air through to vent body heat and internal moisture as exhaust when needed.

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