KV+, Shaft Inserts, 9.5-10mm

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Nuts and shaft ferrules for quick-changing baskets installation

All you need to do to convert your poles to quick-changing baskets is to remove your old glued baskets, put on locking nuts, glue on plastic ferrules and you’re all set! Large baskets, small racing baskets, roller ski tips – change them in seconds and never struggle with glue again!

Plastic ferrules come in two sizes, for the most common shaft diameters: 8.5 and 10 mm. All baskets and roller ski tips regardless of their colour and outer size have the same threads size. So one set of baskets or tips can be shared between different types of poles, for example: racing (8–8.5 mm) and training (9.5–10 mm) poles. Just install respective ferrules on each pair of poles.

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