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Cyclocross Tips 101

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  • By The Cyclery
Cyclocross Tips 101

Some gear recommendations for your training and racing this season.

If you're looking for that one tire to handle all the conditions the race season throws at you, we recommend the Challenge Baby Limus or Specialized Terra Pro. Both tires offer good grip in a variety of conditions and are a budget-friendly choice for the season.

Now that the temperatures are getting cool, rides are made better by having the right gear! The new Castelli Perfetto Max Glove is a warm, breathable, and fitted option to keep your hands from becoming popsicles. The Castelli Gabba (and Women's Gabba) are an essential piece for shoulder-season riding. Paired with a set of Castelli Nanoflex Armwarmers and the appropriate baselayer (or women's baselayer) you'll be ready for just about anything until the snow flies!

And for those who likes swapping tires to match the race conditions but don't want to mess around with tubeless setups, try out the Vittoria Competition Latex Tube! They offer the closest feel to a tubeless or tubular setup and a comfortable and supple ride feel.